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Dec 21, 2017

The Navy Yard Shuttle

The Navy Yard offers two free shuttle routes that allow employees and visitors easy access to the Navy Yard from Center City, and AT&T Station on the Broad Street Subway Line.

The Navy Yard's shuttles will operate on an abbreviated holiday and winter emergency (inclement weather) schedule. 

Holiday and Winter Emergency Schedule

Langley Avenue is currenly closed due to construction. The Navy Yard Loop Shuttle schedule will be impacted - it will still run its normal route from AT&T Station through the Navy Yard to Tasty Baking on 26th Street, but will then double back on Kitty Hawk Ave, and head north on Broad Street to the shuttle stop at the Broad Street gates.  During the detour we expect the detour to add approximately 6 minutes to the trip, and thereby push back the pick-up time at Broad Street Gates and drop off at AT&T station by the same amount. Please see the revised Loop Schedule:

Navy Yard Loop Schedule - Langley Closure



The Navy Yard Loop shuttle runs between AT&T Station and points throughout the Navy Yard.

Download Langley Detour Schedule



The Center City Express shuttle runs between Center City (stop is located on 10th Street between Market and Filbert Streets, and at 4th and Market Street) and points throughout the Navy Yard.

Download Schedule


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