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The Navy Yard Welcomes: Chiropractor Dr. Marc Legere

Dr. Marc Legere, official Chiropractor for the Philadelphia Phillies, is now seeing patients at Vincera Institute at 1200 Constitution Ave. Dr. Legere is an internationally acclaimed physician who is most noted for his development of a treatment method called PATCH Technique.

He has studied alongside pioneer physicians with a variety of medical specialties in order to develop a truly unique diagnosis and treatment program. This one of a kind method allows his patients to recover in a significantly expedited manner compared to standard treatment methods. PATCH is a non-surgical, hands-on approach that significantly reduces pain and increases performance. This technique is currently being utilized to help professional athletes in MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL as well as top college programs around the world.

Dr. Marc Legere

Dr. Marc Legere

Dr. Legere is the only chiropractor at The Navy Yard, adding to the amenities located on campus for employees and the South Philadelphia neighborhood. Whether you are dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome or a disc bulge, Dr. Legere is here to help! Stop in to meet him and get a free evaluation. Call 267-592-3190 us or email to make an appointment. Visit for more information.

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