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Navy Yard to be a Pick-up Location for a Community Supported Agriculture Program in 2023


We are excited to announce the Navy Yard will be a new pick-up location this upcoming spring for a Philadelphia-based community supported agriculture (CSA) program called FarmerJawn.

What is a CSA?

CSAs help local farmers prepare for the season ahead and with your share dollars, they can buy seeds, supplies, plan labor, and purchase equipment to grow all the food in the upcoming season. If you’re thinking about joining the CSA, you are making a powerful decision to support your community economics, your local farmer, and to provide organic nourishment to the mind, body, and soul of you and your loved ones!

Who is FarmerJawn?

FarmerJawn is a local agriculture company that follows regenerative farming practices that concentrate on soil health and increasing access to organic food to marginalized communities. The company has made a commitment to supporting sustainable farming practices in and around the Philadelphia region.

PIDC and FarmerJawn share a goal that highlights and supports local, small businesses, and FarmerJawn helps to support local businesses that take pride in producing organic and/or natural products for your lifestyle, body, and home.

FarmerJawn CSA Program Details

The 2023 CSA share season is scheduled to run from Sunday, April 16 to Sunday, July 2, 2023, with a variety of subscription options.

Each share consists of 8-10 weekly items including various organic vegetables, fruits, herbs, tea, honey, recipes and will feature an all-natural food, home, or body product from a local maker throughout the season.

FarmerJawns’ 2023 CSA options are detailed below:

  • Home-based CSA
    • Feeds up to 4 people
    • $400 Full CSA – 12 weekly pick-ups
    • $200 Half CSA – 6 bi-weekly pick-ups
  • Office-based CSA*
    • 12 weekly pick-ups
    • $1,000 – accommodates 10 people
    • $2,000 – accommodates 20 people

*The Office-Based CSA option is created specifically for offices. An example of an office-based CSA is companies investing in their teams with a healthy perk to show your team you care. These shares include fruits and veggies that are delicious raw or easy to prepare in an office setting and are made to accommodate between 10-20 people (depending on the chosen membership option).

The Navy Yard’s pick up is scheduled for

Wednesdays from noon – 6 p.m. beginning April 19

and will be on the porch of Building 101 at 4747 S Broad St.

Choose the option that best meets your needs and visit the FarmerJawn website for more information.

Example of FarmJawn CSA season.

Example of FarmJawn CSA season.


Navy Yard Collects Hundreds of Winter Clothing Items for Local School Children

Members of the Navy Yard campus and the local community came together for the inaugural Navy Yard Winter Wonderland and Winter Clothing Drive December 17. The event included winter-themed crafts, games, performances by Philadelphia School of Circus Arts, and local food trucks.

The event was free to attend, but attendees were encouraged to bring a new or lightly used winter hats, coats, gloves, mittens, socks, earmuffs, boots, or scarves benefitting local elementary schools. Between the items received at the event and the donations from Navy Yard businesses, approximately 500 individual items collected.

The biggest donation came from Carol Shipon, who works at a Naval Surface Warfare Center at the Navy Yard, in the form of 175 handmade, crocheted hats.


labcorp blog image

The Navy Yard Welcomes Labcorp

Labcorp staff on opening day

Labcorp staff on opening day

The Navy Yard is pleased to welcome Labcorp to the Navy Yard Community. Located at 1 Crescent Drive, Suite 102, Labcorp is convenient and accessible to individuals who work or live within close proximity to the Navy Yard.

Services and Support Offered

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Courier service
  • Variety of test order and result delivery solutions
  • Labcorp Patient PortalTM and mobile app
  • Comprehensive test menu
  • Expanded specimen collection locations
  • Local STAT capabilities
  • Insurance claims

About Labcorp
Labcorp is a leading global life sciences company. With a mission to improve health and improve lives, Labcorp delivers world-class diagnostic solutions, brings innovative medicines to patients faster and uses technology to improve the delivery of care.

The scientists, medical researchers, doctors, and health care professionals that work for Labcorp advance science, technology and innovations to make real, meaningful differences in patients’ lives. Using world-class diagnostics to improve patient care and accelerating drug development, Labcorp is always rethinking ways to make health care more accessible. Labcorp partners with and provides services to anyone, in any community, affected by health care. This includes managed care organizations, biopharmaceutical companies, governmental agencies, physicians and other healthcare providers, hospitals and health systems, employers, patients and consumers, contract research organizations, and independent clinical laboratories.

Labcorp is open Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. – 3 p.m. This lab welcomes walk-ins or schedule an appointment today.

  • Address: 1 Crescent Drive, Suite 102
  • Phone Number: 215-618-4773

Alpha Sacred Beings documentary screening.

Navy Yard Debuts Alpha Sacred Being Documentary at Navy Yard Fall Festival

The Navy Yard kicked fall off with a celebration and a documentary screening on October 19. More than 100 people came out on the first cold day of the season for an evening filled with food trucks, live music, games, and pumpkin painting.

But the main attraction was the world premiere of Group X’s very first documentary, “Alpha Sacred Beings.” The free screening included a special performance by the Red Blanket Singers, a Southern Style Native American drum and dance group!

The short documentary explored the work of Group X’s latest collaborating lead artist, Marianela Fuentes. Group X worked with Marianela to create a monument symbolizing a bridge between two Indigenous Nations. Alpha Sacred Beings (The Origin of Creation), was dedicated at League Island Park at the Navy Yard in June and is permanently on display.




Quay Wall blog featured image

Broad Street Quay Wall Reconstruction Ceremony

Broad Street Quay Wall Reconstruction at Philadelphia Navy Yard from Urban Video Productions® on Vimeo.
We were excited to finally be able to hold a ceremony to kick off the Broad Street infrastructure improvement project on September 14. Reconstruction of a critical 734-foot section of Broad Street (referred to as the Quay Wall) officially started at the end of July, but the ceremony was held later to welcome distinguished guests and partners to the event, including Mayor Jim Kenney, Philadelphia Councilmember Kenyatta Johnson, along with representatives from PennDOT and the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA).

The reconstruction of the Quay Wall is imperative to ensure safety and to increase accessibility for the public and the 150 businesses and 15,000 employees at the Navy Yard. The Quay Wall overlooks the Navy Yard River Basin and sits on top of a more than 120-year-old timber-bridge structure that has largely been submerged in the Delaware River and subject to the elements.

Broad Street will be closed between Crescent Dr & Intrepid Ave

734-foot section of Broad St (known as the Quay Wall)

The project is the result of a $19M+ joint-venture project between PennDOT, the U.S. EDA, City of Philadelphia, and PIDC.

From left to right: Sam Rhoads (PIDC Executive Vice President), Lou Belmonte (PennnDOT Regional Executive), Linda Cruz-Carnall (U.S. EDA Regional Director), Kate McNamara (PIDC Senior Vice President, Navy Yard), Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, Philadelphia City Councilmember Kenyatta Johnson

From left to right: Sam Rhoads (PIDC Executive Vice President), Lou Belmonte (PennnDOT Regional Executive), Linda Cruz-Carnall (U.S. EDA Regional Director), Kate McNamara (PIDC Senior Vice President, Navy Yard), Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, Philadelphia City Councilmember Kenyatta Johnson

“Without these partnerships, none of this would be possible,” said Kate McNamara, PIDC’s Senior Vice President, Navy Yard. “This has been a very complex project that has been in planning and procurement for several years.”

This project is also important for the future of the Navy Yard and Philadelphia.

In his remarks to the crowd, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said, the will create safer transit for pedestrians and bicyclists which can also boost the economy for local businesses, and it  was just one of the many innovative and exciting developments coming to the Navy Yard thanks to the Navy Yard Plan.

Philadelphia City Councilmember Kenyatta Johnson, who represents Philadelphia’s Second District where the Navy Yard is located, stressed the importance of investing in infrastructure for the future and that the $19 million dollar project was a needed investment.

The theme of long-term vision into the future and partnerships prevailed with the other special guests from PennDOT and U.S. EDA.

“This project started with a vision and PennDOT is proud to be part of that vision,” said Lou Belmonte, PennDOT District Executive. “The Navy Yard a truly unique place and there is tremendous work happening here as it continues as a thriving center for businesses, innovation, investment, talent, and jobs.”

“The U.S. EDA is proud to make these investments in regional growth and prosperity,” said Linda Cruz-Carnall, U.S. EDA Regional Director. “We appreciate the spirit and history and continued resiliency at this site and of all of its stakeholders. Together we are united in pride and hope.”

The Quay Wall project is expected to be completed in the summer of 2023. When complete, it will have four lanes for vehicles, a two-way raised bike lane, and a new, scenic pedestrian plaza overlooking the Reserve Basin.

Future Broad Street between Crescent Dr & Intrepid Ave

Future Broad Street between Crescent Dr & Intrepid Ave

View of new Pedestrian Plaza overlooking elevated bike lanes and Broad Street

View of new Pedestrian Plaza overlooking elevated bike lanes and Broad Street

Broad Street Quay Wall now

Broad Street Quay Wall now

CSSM logo for blog preview

The Navy Yard Welcomes Concierge Spine & Sports Medicine

The Navy Yard is pleased to welcome Concierge Spine & Sports Medicine to the Navy Yard community.  Located at 1200 Constitution Ave in the Vincera Institute building, Concierge Spine and Sports Medicine is focused on getting patients back to maximum function by providing fast, effective non-surgical pain relief services, and a wellness treatment plan that promotes a continuous healthy lifestyle.

“My goal is to establish a trusted physician-patient relationship from the very beginning,” says Dr. Malini Khanna, owner and operator of Concierge Spine and Sports Medicine. “I want to really focus on quality of care through open communication with my patients. I need them to know they are being heard, and they play an active role in their health journey. Appointments will never be rushed. We will address the source of their pain by developing an individualized treatment plan and will work with them to reduce pain and increase function.

“One of the most common reasons people come in for treatment is to address lower-back pain. When you are experiencing pain, we will be there to quickly find a cost-effective and innovative non-surgical solution, such as physical therapy or targeted injections under ultrasound or x-ray guidance.”

Concierge Spine and Sports Medicine is designed to offer same day or next day appointments including the option of virtual visits. Additionally, you will have access to the latest in treatment technologies as well as diet and nutrition, mindfulness, exercise, and other lifestyle options for pain improvement.

Dr. Malini Khanna, owner and operator of Concierge Spine and Sports Medicine

Dr. Malini Khanna, owner and operator of Concierge Spine and Sports Medicine

Concierge Spine and Sports Medicine is accepting new patients seeking non-surgical solutions for:

  • Lower back pain
  • Knee pain
  • Hip pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Sports medicine

For more information and additional resources or to schedule an appointment, go to the Concierge Spine & Sports Medicine website at or call 267-551-4200.

Concierge Spine & Sports Medicine lobby at 1200 Constitution Ave in the Vincera Institute building

Concierge Spine & Sports Medicine lobby at 1200 Constitution Ave in the Vincera Institute building


Pennsylvania’s first automated vehicle (AV) shuttle is coming to Philadelphia this summer. The zero-emissions shuttle will provide visitors and employees with transportation services within the Philadelphia Navy Yard and to SEPTA’s NRG Station located at Broad Street and Pattison Avenue.

Pennsylvania’s First Automated Shuttle Coming to the Philadelphia Navy Yard

Pennsylvania’s first automated vehicle (AV) shuttle is coming to Philadelphia this summer. The zero-emissions shuttle will provide visitors and employees with transportation services within the Philadelphia Navy Yard and to SEPTA’s NRG Station located at Broad Street and Pattison Avenue. 

The project took a step forward this week when PIDC, Philadelphia’s public-private economic development corporation, awarded Perrone Robotics, Inc. a two-phased AV shuttle and services contract. The pilot AV shuttle is funded by the Travel Options Program, a grant program of the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC). The Travel Options Program is an ongoing regional initiative that awards funds for innovative projects to provide better access to more travel options, while meeting the goals of climate action and air quality improvement, equity, reliability, freedom of choice, and affordability.

Pennsylvania’s first automated vehicle (AV) shuttle is coming to Philadelphia this summer! The zero-emissions shuttle will provide visitors and employees with transportation services within the Navy Yard and to SEPTA’s NRG Station.

“The idea behind the Travel Options Program is to fund innovative projects that expand accessibility to and encourage the use of alternatives to driving alone, and we are pleased to fund the first AV shuttle in Greater Philadelphia and in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,” said Barry Seymour, DVRPC Executive Director. “This project is the culmination of ongoing public-private partnerships, and many years of planning related to new technologies and is just the start of adding more electric and AV vehicles to the menu of travel options in our region.”

This project will enhance Navy Yard access and also help to reduce congestion and carbon emissions for the region. The Navy Yard AV shuttle deployment will include a backup operator on board during the pilot. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) will oversee regulatory approvals and is partnering with researchers at Drexel University to analyze shuttle performance and rider feedback to inform future deployments. The infrastructure consulting firm AECOM assisted the grant proposal, and through its existing contracts with PennDOT will be providing overall program management, technical planning, testing, and deployment expertise.

“We are honored and excited to be part of this forward-thinking program with PIDC, DVRPC, PennDOT, AECOM, and Drexel University, to bring the world’s first automated Buy America, FMVSS, and ADA-compliant transit van to the city of Philadelphia,” said Paul Perrone, CEO and founder of Perrone Robotics. “This program will be a national example of the power of private-public partnerships to connect communities through safety-enhanced mobility solutions. We look forward to providing our TONY AV driver for the streets of Philadelphia and beyond to meet the growing demand across the United States and worldwide.” 

“The deployment of the AV shuttle in Philadelphia has been a vision AECOM has been partnering with the City on since 2018. We understand the important need to provide supplemental transit services to all Philadelphians and those visiting the Navy Yard and Sport Complex areas,” said Dan Corey, Vice President, Director of Strategic Solutions Global Transportation, AECOM. “We’re thrilled to support this important project with innovative, sustainable, and collaborative solutions that are accessible to all while leaving a positive impact on the environment and prioritizing safety.” 

The terms of the award include the delivery of the state’s and region’s first Level 3 (as defined by SAE J3016) automated, zero-emissions, Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) compliant, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant, Buy America compliant, and street-worthy shuttle to transport visitors and employees around the Navy Yard campus. The AV shuttle in Phase 1 will augment existing transportation services between key locations within the Navy Yard, and then in Phase 2 will connect the Navy Yard to SEPTA’s NRG Station on the Broad Street subway line and adjacent to the Sports Complex and FDR Park. 

PIDC leads the development and site operations for the Navy Yard, including its Navy Yard Transit program, which currently operates two routes to NRG Station and Center City Philadelphia. As part of PIDC’s mission – to spur investment, support business growth, and foster developments that create jobs, revitalize neighborhoods, and drive growth in every corner of Philadelphia – this AV project will support a growing community of 15,000 employees, 8 million square feet of mix-use facilities that includes office, industrial, R&D, life sciences, and institutional space, with plans to add additional office, laboratories and clean spaces, retail, restaurants and hotels, and residential buildings, parks, greenways and amenities over the next 20 years. 

PIDC reviewed a wide range of mobility options focused on proven reliability and safety, including conducting a public request for proposals (RFP) process. Perrone Robotics’ successful history of AV deployments across municipal, university, and community projects, made it a clear choice for the pilot project. Perrone’s portfolio of turn-key AV transit and transportation shuttles include small, medium, and large vehicles for use in geofenced and localized operations. 

“We are thrilled to partner with DVRPC, PennDOT, Perrone Robotics, AECOM, and Drexel University to deploy Pennsylvania’s first AV shuttle at the Navy Yard,” said Kate McNamara, PIDC’s Senior Vice President, Navy Yard. “Not only will this shuttle provide the Navy Yard’s employees and visitors with additional safe and sustainable transit access around campus and connecting to the region via the subway connection, but it also showcases Pennsylvania and the city of Philadelphia as a leader in the latest technologies and innovation. We are excited to support this project at the Navy Yard and look forward to launching this summer.” 

For the first phase of the project, Perrone will deploy the TONY-MEV (a medium electric transit vehicle), built on the proven Ford 350HD chassis, fully ADA compliant, and equipped with a state-of-the-art battery-electric powertrain manufactured and installed by Lightning eMotors. The vehicle will be integrated with Perrone’s TONY (To Navigate You) technology that converts the shuttle to fully automated capabilities for operations in the Navy Yard. The shuttle can seat nine passengers plus a wheelchair, aside from the operator. The wheelchair ramp feature will be accessible from a standard roadside curb.  

The AV shuttle is expected to commence in summer 2022.

“Automated technologies have tremendous potential to expand equitable transportation options and enhance safety,” PennDOT Secretary Yassmin Gramian said. “We are committed to safely developing this industry in Pennsylvania and look forward to partnering on this shuttle deployment.”



Media Contacts:

DVRPC: Elise Turner, Manager, Office of Communications and Engagement / 215-435-0379 (cell)

PIDC: Jennifer Tran, Director, Navy Yard Marketing and Communications / 215-218-2854

PennDOT: Erin Waters-Trasatt, Communications Director / 717-873-8800

Chapel Block Images_11

Ensemble/Mosaic Announces Plans for Chapel Block, the First Residential Development at the Navy Yard Since the 1996 Base Closure

Ensemble/Mosaic today announced plans to develop the first residential complex to be built at the Philadelphia Navy Yard as part of its agreement with PIDC. The company plans to break ground on the project in 2022 and open the complex in 2024.

“Ensemble/Mosaic is on the cusp of reaching a longstanding, identity-shifting objective – to evolve the Navy Yard into a fully functioning Philadelphia neighborhood,” said Brian Cohen, Senior Vice President, Ensemble. “We are incredibly excited at the prospect of creating a vibrant and diverse residential community so people may further enjoy this unique location and all it has to offer.”

Located at 1200 Normandy Place, the complex, called Chapel Block, will include a seven-story building and two connected six-story buildings. In total, it will offer 611 luxury and mixed-income apartments offering 40 different unit sizes and bedroom configurations, and options for furnished and unfurnished units.

It will also include 75,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor resident amenity space and 26,000 square feet of space for restaurants and retail. All three buildings are designed to meet a minimum of LEED® Silver certification from the United States Green Building Council, providing for a sustainable and healthy living experience.

Design Informed by the Pandemic

“The pandemic was foremost in our thinking as we developed this project, keeping in mind the new realities of how people work, value outdoor access and are concerned about indoor ventilation,” said Leslie Smallwood-Lewis, Founder and Owner, Mosaic. “Home should be every resident’s ‘safe place,’ and our goal has been to incorporate as much as we can of what we have learned in the last 18 months so that residents will be comfortable and secure in their homes here.”

Some of the steps the team has taken include:

  • A significant number of units will include areas to accommodate working from home, with separate offices or built-in work areas.
  • Proximity to three parks: five-acre Central Green with a running track, outdoor table tennis, bocce, cross-fit station, amphitheater, and picnic areas; three-acre League Island Park, a natural and serene park for lounging and working; and eight-acre Marine Parade Grounds, a historic public space that provides fields for sport leagues, food trucks, and large outdoor events.
  • LEED certification with an emphasis on a healthy living environment with high indoor air quality.
  • Expanded building amenity offerings and areas to work from outside of apartments.

Chapel Block: A Community of Three Buildings, Dozens of Options

Chapel Block takes its name from the historic Chapel constructed by the Navy in 1942 on the southeast corner of the block to be developed.  The chapel is now occupied by the Chapel of the Four Chaplains and Memorial Foundation, dedicated to promoting interfaith cooperation and selfless service of individuals and organizations. It honors the moving story of four chaplains who died while saving many lives when The Dorchester, a U.S. Army transport ship (USAT), was sunk in the waters of Newfoundland during World War Two.

“One of the most interesting aspects of developing in the Navy Yard is that we are surrounded by critical U.S. history on a daily basis,” said Cohen. “This is a place filled with stories of bravery and heroism. It is an inspiring location and one we love to share with residents, employees and visitors.”

The seven-story building will be developed on the north end of the Chapel Block site in partnership with Korman Communities under their exciting residential real estate brand, “AVE.”

AVE Navy Yard will feature 265 luxury units, a portion of which will be reserved as flexible-stay, fully furnished apartments offered on a monthly basis for individuals who need a temporary living option. On-demand amenities will include a resort pool, media theatre, fire pit lounge, grilling stations, executive meeting spaces, a golf simulator, music studio, and pet spa.

“We are thrilled to partner with Ensemble/Mosaic on this exciting project,” said Bradley J. Korman, co-CEO of Korman Communities. “Philadelphia is our home, and we are honored to be a part of this incredible opportunity to develop what will become one of the most desirable locations to live, work, and play in the region.”

On the south end of Chapel Block, the two six-story buildings will form a mixed-income project containing 346 market rate and affordable units.  It is designed as two separate structures and will be connected on the ground floor by shared amenities including a fitness center, business center, lounge areas, a game area, a party room with gourmet kitchen, pet spa, and bike storage.  The connected buildings are situated around a private courtyard with lounge seating fire pits and grill stations.

“Chapel Block will change the Navy Yard in many exciting ways. This addition of new  mixed-income residential for the first time since the naval base was closed over two decades ago will serve not only the employees and visitors of the Navy Yard, but everyone who lives on site, too,” said Kate McNamara, PIDC’s Senior Vice President, Navy Yard.

The complex is designed by a partnership of two architectural firms, Philadelphia-based DIGSAU, the design architect, which has designed several buildings in the Navy Yard, and Moody Nolan, the architect of record, headquartered in Columbus, OH. Moody Nolan is the 2021 AIA Firm of the Year and the largest minority owned architecture firm in the country.

“Two exceptional architectural firms have banded together to bring us a design that will change the Navy Yard for decades by creating residential opportunities for people from all walks of life,” said Smallwood-Lewis. “We are excited that they have brought opportunity to many smaller and specialty firms, as more than 50% of the design work is being done by 15 different MBE/WBE-certified firms in Philadelphia and around the country.”

Through its development agreement with PIDC, Ensemble/Mosaic will redevelop 109 acres of land through renovation and ground-up construction, including Chapel Block. The developer will invest $2.6B – with all funds fully committed to ESG (environmental, social and governance) – over the next two decades, of which $1B has been commitment to DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion.)

After the naval base closure in 1996, the City of Philadelphia, PIDC, Philadelphia’s public-private economic development corporation and master developer of the Navy Yard, and its partners envisioned the redevelopment of the space into a thriving mixed-use campus, restoring it as an economic engine for the city. Over the last two decades, the Navy Yard has attracted 170 businesses employing more than 15,000 personnel.

Ensemble/Mosaic is working with PIDC and the U.S. Navy to complete the technical steps necessary to lift the residential deed restriction on this parcel.

“We thank our partners at the Navy for working with us to on this new development, which will further the Navy Yard’s position as one of Philadelphia’s most unique business campuses and evolving neighborhoods,” added McNamara.


The Navy Yard Releases New Navy Yard Transit App!

PIDC, Philadelphia’s public-private economic development corporation and master developer of the Philadelphia Navy Yard announces the launch of its new app called Navy Yard Transit to offer Navy Yard employees and visitors an easy and reliable trip planning app that includes real-time arrival information on many public and shared transportation services, including its own Navy Yard shuttle system with routes from the Navy Yard to NRG Subway Station and to Center City.

PIDC has partnered with Moovit, a global leader in mobility solutions, to launch Navy Yard Transit, which aggregates many mobility options in one app, making it simple to compare alternative transit and even offers a multi-modal approach: public transit, shuttles, and bikeshare, or a trip plan that may combine two or more methods of transit. This will allow for users to conveniently plan a trip and reduce reliance on private cars, resulting in less congestion and environmental impacts.

Navy Yard Transit is available as an iOS, Android, and Web app, combining official information from local transit agencies including SEPTA and PATCO, as well as crowdsourced information to calculate the best route for each journey with urban mobility options like the bus, train, light rail, subway, shuttle, shared bikes such as Indego and BCycle, car-sharing such as Zipcar, Uber and Lyft. Navy Yard Transit also provides real-time arrival information, so users know exactly when their bus or shuttle is arriving, a Live Directions feature with “Get Off Alerts” to provide step-by-step guidance for the entire journey, and Service Alerts so they can avoid disruptions and plan their journey accordingly.

This new Navy Yard Transit app replaces the previous app and focuses on the Navy Yard shuttles’ real-time arrival information allowing users to enjoy a more predictable and reliable journey to and from the Navy Yard. The app provides improved information on departure and arrival times, including real-time arrival countdowns, so riders can more efficiently plan their trips, have more insight on their journey while on the go. Riders can “favorite” their frequently used routes and receive push notifications about major traffic delays or winter service notifications.

Navy Yard Transit empowers people with disabilities to use public transportation with more assurance. The app incorporates accessibility features, including:

  • Screen reading features for low vision users (including TalkBack/VoiceOver capabilities)
  • Wheelchair-accessible routes and stations identified
  • Step-free routes calculated
  • Designed with optimized menus and buttons for people with hand-motor disabilities

The Navy Yard app is available to download on for Apple devices on the App Store or for Android devices on Google Play for free.

For questions or feedback, please contact